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The admission ticket is valid for the entire day.


The ticket holder will be measured at the park entrance and at the entrance to the slides.

For security reasons, the following slides require a minimum height of 48 inches: Tornado ALLEY, Vortex, Kamikaze and Turbo Twister.

Ticket holders will be weighed at the entrance to the slides. For safety reasons, the following weight limits apply:
- We have a weight limit of 300lbs for two people in Black Magic and Rapids River.
- We have a weight limit of 800lbs for a total of 5 people in Mammoth River.
- We have a weight limit of 400lbs for 2-person tubes and 700lbs for 4-person tubes.


Opening hours are subject to change without notice depending on weather conditions.
All attractions remain open on rainy days. For safety reasons, attractions may be temporarily closed during thunderstorms. They will reopen once the storm has passed. No refunds will be given in the event of bad weather.

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